Mission And Vision

Our Mission:

To bring people into the fold of Christ’s family, develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equip them to fulfill the Great Commission through the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.

Our Vision:

To establish strategic Christian churches in Japan and other parts of the world by sending out workers into His harvest field.

Our Organizational Values:

The Lord of the Harvest churches are committed to produce God-led, responsible, overcoming, worshipful and trained harvester whom the Lord will send into His harvest field through the GROWTH cycle of ministry organizational values:

GOD-LED in all our ways

RESPONSIBLE to complete our task

OVERCOMING all the obstacles

WORSHIPFUL in our lifestyle

TRAINED to do the works of ministry

HARVEST-ORIENTED in our strategies

The Growth Cycle of Ministry:

In this age of globalization, many organizations around the world have recognized the need to work cooperatively with others in order to stay relevant and congruous. As the 21st century had just begun, the church should all the more be preocccupied with the single most important end-time event before the second coming of Christ – the preaching of the gospel to all men. The minor issues confronted the church should not cause distraction in obeying the Great Commission of Christ since it has no extra time to support irrelevant priorities nor enought resources to support other endeavors.

The LORD OF THE HARVEST GLOBAL MINISTRY (LOTHGM) has made a commitment to work together to fulfill God’s purpose – to send out workers into His harvest field. God revealed to Pastor Monty Izon a simple plan to realize God’s mandate for the LOTHGM churches through the Growth Cycle Ministry wherein every LOTHGM church should pass through the five-pronged stages of church’s workers development.

Statement of Strategy:

The LORD OF THE HARVEST adheres for the implementation of the GROWTH Cycle Ministry to produce self-supporting, self-governing, self-propagating churches throughout Japan and other parts of the world. To facilitate the transformation of Gospel-seekers called contacts, the five-pronged stages of church workers development should be implemented to eventually mold them to become commissioned workers in the Christ’s harvest field.

Church Development:

A church begins as a mission point sponsored by one of the Lord of the Harvest churches. The goal is to make it grow as self-supporting and self-propagating church. After completing this process, the church will be accredited as an official associate church during the annual anniversary celebration of the LORD OF THE HARVEST.

Members and Workers Development:

Stage one covers the process of evangelizing a person referred to as contact. During this stage, a person is being exposed to the Word of God and confronted with the Good News of salvation through personal witnessing, friendship evangelism, counselling, crusades or evangelistic tracts. The goal is to win back the contact into the fold of Jesus Christ and make him a convert.

Stage two comprises the process of strengthening the convert by giving him the assurance of salvation and teaching him the basic Christian life discipline (Bible reading and study, prayer, fellowship and worship). The convert will be encouraged to join one of the cell groups of the church for his/her regular nurture. The goal in this stage is to encourage the convert to become part of God’s family by dedicating himself to the Lord through one the Lord of the Harvest Churches. The convert shall consecrate his/her life through water baptism and the signing of a membership pledge.

Stage three constitutes the process of transforming the convert to become a committed disciple of Christ by faithfully attending bible studies, actively participating and supporting God’s works, and submiting one’s will to the authority of Jesus Christ in all aspects of his/her life. The goal in this stage is to challenge the committed member to have a deeper knowledge and understanding about God’s Words.

Stage Four encompasses the process of equipping the committed member to become one who is called to serve. In this stage, a committed member is considered as church worker. He is being trained in the specific area of his talent to enable him to teach others and lead a group or be in-charge of a specific task in the church. The goal in this stage is to prepare him to become a commissioned leader of the Lord of the Harvest Church in the future.

Stage five consists of installing and commissioning the church worker as a commissioned leader in the Lord of the Harvest Church or Mission Point. He may be a commissioned leader in a mission team, membership team or ministerial team. At this stage, the commissioned leader can share the message of God’s love to anyone or any group at all times. The goal in this stage is to recognize the commissioned leader as one who is called and chosen by God to lead in the church as an excellent and Godly servant.