What We Believe

The Holy Bible is the Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error. In the Bible, God has revealed Himself to us and tells us all we need to know for salvation.God is a Triune God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is the sovereign Lord of heaven and earth. The ultimate purpose of God’s creation is the revelation of His glory. Throughout all history, God providentially sustains His creation and governs it according to His noble purpose.

Salvation has been provided through Jesus Christ for all men; and those who repent and believe in Him are born again of the Holy Spirit, received the gift of eternal life, and become children of God.

It is the will of God that each believer should be filled with the Holy Spirit and be sanctified wholly, being separated from sin and the world, and fully dedicated to the will of God, thereby receiving power for the holy living and effective service.

Provision is made in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of the mortal body. Prayer of the sick and anointing with oil are taught in the Scriptures and are priviledges for the Church in this present age.

The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent and will be personal, visible and premillenial. This is the believer’s blessed hope and is a vital truth as incentive to holy living and faithful service.